How to proceed in case of Traffic Accident?

In case of accident you should:

  • Remain calm and be polite;
  • Immediately put on the warning vest;
  • Place the emergency warning triangle at the regulated distance to properly mark the accident site;
  • Identify:
    • Drivers, owners and vehicles;
    • Name of the insurance companies and policies of each vehicle;
    • Eyewitnesses;
  • Request the presence of police authorities, mainly if there is wounded people, even if slightly wounded.
  • Do not compromise with third-parties nor acknowledge liabilities regarding the intervenors or the authorities (Traffic police) without previous knowledge and/or intervention of the Insurance Company.
  • Take photographs at the moment of the accident that illustrate the final position of the involved vehicles and damage caused to them.

Are there any wounded people?

  • The intervention of authorities must be requested;
  • The accident site must never be abandoned, unless it is to go to the hospital.

Note: abandoning the victim can, in some cases, be considered a crime.

In case of Theft or Robbery, immediately report the event to the police authorities of the area and they will commence proceedings.

Fill in all applicable questionnaires when there is more than one vehicle involved and ensure its signing by all involved drivers.

Do not forget:

  • Reporting the claim to Índico within a maximum deadline of 8 (eight) days;
  • If Índico receives a complaint from a third-party and if it is not in possession of the respective Notification of Claim, the company will immediately notify its insured person to do it within a maximum deadline of 8 business days.

Under the penalty of being liable for loss and damage, the insured person must:

  • Provide all information, documental and witness evidences relevant for a proper assessment of liabilities;
  • Take all necessary and possible actions to avoid or limit the consequences of the accident;
  • Immediately inform Índico of any judicial proceedings taken against the driver of the vehicle insured by the Company following the traffic accident;