Índico distributes its products through a vast network of partners.

Our main partners are professional Insurance Intermediaries who, through an excellent service, bring Índico closer to its clients by providing the best possible guidance at the time of the sale and, especially, with an effective and dedicated support.

These commercial partners are divided into three large categories according to their connection with the Insurance Company, a responsibility they assume or a service level that they provide:

  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Insurance Collectors

At Índico, in this last category we have Insurance Managers, a network of Índico's professional and exclusive partners, 100% determined to meet its Clients' financial and protection needs.

Do you want to be an Insurance Collector for Índico?

Then you must:

Be an Entrepreneur who undertakes corporate building and management of its own business. Work in partnership and exclusively with Índico. Develop and support a client network. Sell insurances and other financial products.

Main Features

Entrepreneurship and market orientation; Teamwork and goals oriented; Work and sales skills; Self-motivated; Planning and organizational ability.

Main Activities

Prospecting new clients; Procedural reviewing and management of your client network. Personalized support to all the clients' issues, doubts and information requests.