Índico has a team of senior managers with professional experience acknowledged in the national and international insurance market.

We intend to be mentors and improve our collaborators' skills in terms of management approach, helping to enhance their performances up to the highest quality standards. Most importantly, we intend to do this by actively developing and building a happy and healthy work environment, where collaborators are proud to be part of our team.

We offer all collaborators a wide range of incentives, resources and means that meet the needs and individual aspirations within the framework of the Company's wider common goals.

Índico is committed to building a workforce where collaborators feel they are appreciated and involved, therefore, continuing with the Company.

The Company is also working to increase levels of engagement, strengthening relationships between management and collaborators, creating a two-way communication growth.

Our success will be clear through an accessible communication that flows between collaborators and management. A good physical, social and cultural organizational environment causes an important impact on the employees well-being and their productivity.

Thus, we ensure an approach based on equal opportunities, always respecting diversity as a fundamental tool for creating the Índico environment.

Goals for the next three years include:

  • Developing a communication strategy that will strengthen communication between collaborators and other interested parties;
  • Developing clear and coordinated strategies for collaborators consultation;
  • Mechanisms to encourage wide and inclusive consultation in decision-making to build and maintain trust;
  • Mechanisms to encourage employees to engage in innovative solutions for business problems;
  • Identifying and encouraging support activities of sharing experience and skills development throughout the organization;
  • Developing leadership skills to increase swiftness in the process of training new collaborators.