Multi-risk Business is a simplified contracting insurance that:

a) It is adaptable to each business
The insurance allows acquiring of solutions tailored to each type of activity, through modules suited to each business's specificities.

b) It discards what is superfluous
Multi-risk Business is a solution focused on your business, based on a simple structure, with a reduced number of coverages that, however, protect you against more relevant risk situations.

c) It is flexible and suitable
Designed so that you can easily create a protection solution tailored to your company's reality and dimension, Multi-risk Business also allows you to phase your payment according to the periodicity that suits you best.

d) It meets companies' real needs
Multi-risk Business contributes by protecting your company against main risks that can affect your company's activity and by preparing it for unexpected events, in a way of dealing with the recovery process of the business's normal functioning.

Coverage Options

a) Basic Option
It safeguards the company against most recurrent risks (such as fire or flooding, among others) and also protects it from certain liabilities against third-parties resultant from your activity.

b) Business Option
This solution complements coverages from the Basic Option with a range of additional guarantees adjusted to the specific protection needs of each business.

c) Establishment Option
It is the proposed solution to reinforce your business's property protection. It includes, among other coverages, Criminal Damage, Demolishing and Removing of Debris and also the optional acquiring of Electrical Risks coverage.

d) Full Option
It is the solution that gathers all previous advantages – for companies that require a greater security.