Índico SME (Industry and Services)

Fire, Lightning Strike and Explosion

FIRE or the means used to fight it, heat, smoke or vapours immediately resultant from fire, LIGHTNING STRIKE mechanical action, EXPLOSION and also removals or destruction executed by order of the proper authority or exercised for rescue, if performed on account of any of the facts previously mentioned.












Basic Coverages

  • Fire, Lightning Strike and Explosion
  • Storms
  • Seismic Events
  • Landslides
  • Damage caused by Water
  • Theft or Robbery (contents/damage caused to property)
  • Demolition and Removal of Debris
  • Aircraft Crashes
  • Collision or Impact of Land Vehicles
  • Spillage of Hydraulic Systems of Protection against Fire
  • Glass, Mirrors, Signs and Illuminated Advertising Breakage
  • Fall or Breaking of Antennas and Solar Panels
  • Temporary Deprivation of the Use of Activity Site (contents)
  • "Extra-contractual" Civil Liability
  • Document Reconstitution
  • Document Expenses
  • Loss of Rents (buildings)


Complementary Coverages

  • Flooding
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Overflow or Spillage of Materials in State of Fusion
  • Strikes, Riots and Changes of Public Nature
  • Electrical Risks
  • Accidental Spillage
  • Exploration Losses



  • Robbery – Covers theft or robbery with forced and violent entry.
  • Glass Breakage – Covers losses or damage caused to interior and exterior glass (including mirrors).
  • Money – It ensures payment of compensation in consequence of losses or damage caused to money or checks that take place in facilities or in transit in the Republic of Mozambique.
  • All Risks for Portable Equipment – Covers losses or damage caused to property in any part of the world by any accident or misfortune non-excluded in any other way by the established policy.
  • Breakdown of Machinery – Covers breakdown of machinery resultant from sudden event that requires fixing or replacing.
  • Construction Machinery Insurance – Covers losses or damage that can occur to construction machinery during construction works or during maintenance and/or at the insured person's facilities.
  • Construction Works Insurance – Covers damages caused to the construction site, equipment and construction machinery, including civil liability against third-parties deriving from the ongoing construction works.
  • Installation Insurance – Covers losses or damage caused to equipment, iron structures and machinery during installation operations, including civil liability resultant from the execution of the project.
  • Electronic Equipment – Covers physical losses or damage caused to insured equipment by any cause that is not excluded by the policy and that requires fixing or replacing the insured object.
  • Loyalty/Bond Insurance – Insurance that ensures payment of compensations to the insured person in consequence of one's direct financial or material losses, caused by fraud or dishonesty exercised by any of one's insured employees that result in financial benefit of the employee himself.