Insurance that covers losses or damage caused to motor vehicles, ensuring compensations resultant from body and/or material damage caused to third-parties (civil liability) or to the insured vehicle (own damage).

Vehicles of your fleet, two or more cars, represent part of your business's operation and deserve to be taken into account. We feel that safety and protection are essential for your company's assuredness, in a way that you can engage in new businesses.

With the fleet insurance we offer a quality service with different and flexible coverages and services that meet your needs. Acquiring the Fleet Insurance, for your company's or employees' vehicles, is always much more beneficial than individual insurance acquiring, since it offers very special commercial conditions:

Basic Coverage

Crash, robbery, theft and fire

Complementary Coverages


Civil Liability

5,400,000.00 MT

Passenger Liability

100,000.00 MT

Medical Expenses


Funeral Expenses


Loss of Keys

15,500.00 MT

Reasonable Towing Expenses to nearest garage/safe place


Other Advantages


  • Loyalty discount: renewal without claim
  • Special discount for vehicles with anti-theft and anti-robbery devices
  • Payment in up to 4 instalments without interests
  • Option of reduced excess