Trust, Humanism, Efficiency, Innovation, Ambition, Teamwork, Honesty, Excellence, Commitment and Rigour:

Trust: Establishing lasting relationships, based on rigour, integrity and transparency, respecting our shareholders and clients' interests, and believing in the continuity of our project, its goals and guiding principles.

Teamwork: Joining and sharing efforts, competences and experiences, aiming to achieve a common purpose in which everyone contributes as indispensable, since "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Honesty: Creating relationships with one another while respecting individual differences with integrity, according to what is true. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, establishing relationships based on trust, sincerity and transparency.

Excellence: Standing out for the excellence of our products and services provided to our clients, going beyond, overcoming market expectations through a constant search for improvement.

Commitment: Carrying out our promises in total alignment with our principles, always showing a spirit of dedication and a sense of responsibility before colleagues, shareholders, clients and suppliers.

Rigour: Showing credibility to those who surround us, working in a precise, impartial and objective manner.