Aiming to create a greater convenience and comfort, ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA has created and made available for its clients and general market an online simulator (issuing of quotes) and an online notification of claim, so that it is possible, in a simple and quick manner, to obtain the indicative costs of our products and services, as well as to report any claim, respectively. Additionally, Índico has created an insurance contract management system supported by a text message platform.

a) Simulator

Online simulator allows quick and effective access to our terms and conditions for acquiring car insurance, without the need for direct contact or travel.

b) Claim Notification

Online notification of claim ensures a greater convenience and effectiveness of your claim in due time.

c) Text Message Alerting Service

Our clients can receive automatic notifications on their mobile phones regarding their insurance contracts, in order to keep them informed and aware of (i) contract renewal; (ii) premium maturity (iii) premium payment confirmation; (iv) claim registration confirmation; (v) claim management; (vi) new products and much more...!

d) Digital and editable Insurance PDF proposal

Digital and editable Insurance PDF proposal allows the policyholder to create and update his risk statement through an online platform without the need to print and scan the document. This mechanism, besides being more convenient and simpler, also reduces the policyholder's costs of printing and uploading the proposal.

e) Client Ombudsman

Índico faces complaint management as an opportunity to interact with its clients or other interested parties, listening and valuing their opinions on their relationship experience with us.

Complaint represents a swift and effective means on which our Clients can react when they feel that their expectations were not met. The constant search for Service Excellence makes Índico understand complaints as a constant search for quality when providing its service.

In fact, our Client's complaints are faced as an important source of internal diagnosis and a possible starting point for implementing measures that aim to improve our company's provided services.