Working as a responsible company and building a relationship based on trust with our partners and the community. ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA set up its activity with the attitude of a citizen company, being mainly concerned with social driven initiatives and preserving the environment.

Therefore, shareholders subscribed and immediately realized a capital stock of 35.000.000,00Mt (Thirty-Five Million Meticais), which is the amount above the minimum required for exercising such activity. This precisely ensures the rigorous carrying out of warranties and commitments taken towards policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries and third-parties, as well as it also strengthens their relationships with Insurance Intermediaries, basing them on trust and stability at a short, medium and long term.

Similarly, and within the framework of ensuring the carrying out of our commitments, the Administrative Board, made up by professionals with acknowledged experience in this industry and carefully selected by shareholders, made up financial guarantees that will be maintained at prudential levels in order to preserve a balanced and responsible exercise of the activity, always aware of the need to honour undertaken commitments.

Still aware of our responsibilities and prudential limits inherent to the insurance business, ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA associates and shares the big risks with AAA and AAB Rating reinsurance companies, internationally renowned and with keen financial and technical credentials.