We exercise our activity in a responsible manner, respecting values and commitments undertaken towards our partners. Our responsible action involves a rigorous risk subscription, battling money laundering, acting within the field of prevention, and social and environmental action:

a) Social Responsibility

ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA intends to mark its position in the field of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility in a totally aligned manner with its business. We have integrated Corporate Responsibility into our proceedings and we want it to stand out in our corporate culture.

Corporate Responsibility is the wide and global concept that gives voice to our acting guiding lines in the most diverse fields, which implies respecting our Clients and Suppliers, leading our business in a professional manner, supporting and improving our Collaborators and contributing to society's development.

b) Preserving the Environment

To its clients, ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA adapts its organization and subscription policy to meet environmental risk protection needs. Internally, the company puts progressively into practice the necessary means to ensure its own ecological balance.