Insurance Company Índico, SA, abbreviated to ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA, is exclusively aiming at the regular practice of actions that involve accepting and carrying out insurance or reinsurance contracts and insurance operations of the Non-Life Business, based on each client's profile and with quality products and services to satisfy their interests.

We therefore understand that our success and our reputation does not only depend on the quality of our products and services provided to our clients, but also in the manner we exercise our activity.

ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA's ambition is to be a leader in its area of business, Financial Protection. For us, being a leader is not just being on top in terms of turnover due to our technical, commercial and financial performances, but also being seen as a reference, an example, due to the quality of our practice and professional ethics of our behaviour.

Our ambition is at the crossing point of two demands: were they not exemplified on actual results, the consequent performance of the operational and behavioural excellence would not be enough to make us leaders, and wouldn't make it possible for us to reach our ambition.

Our core activity is to support our clients by managing their risks, which takes us in making and fulfilling long term commitments with them.

Trust is a key element. Honesty, integrity and strict professional ethics are part of our values and reinforce behaviours that generate trust. Trust is the cornerstone on which our national and international success and reputation is based on.

We have made it our brand signature. It is equally the common denominator of our commitments, our bonds that connect us to our partners, clients, shareholders, collaborators and suppliers, as well as to the society and environment that surrounds us. It is a guarantee of our credibility before the tutelary authorities.

Knowing how to gain and maintain our partners' trust requires that we respect a strict professional ethics which is up to the standards that these, as well as the public opinion, can expect from an Insurance Company as ÍNDICO SEGUROS, SA.

We bet on a lasting success that depends on the attention given by each collaborator when respecting technical norms and rigorous commercial practices. It is our activity that demands it and it is our reputation that is at stake.

It is, mainly, through our personal integrity and common sense in exercising our activity that we will be able to reach our ambition of being leader, without disregarding professional ethics of our daily professional behaviours.

With a team of trained and highly renowned professionals always seeking high quality solutions at a fair price, we always work as a consultant and adviser of the insured person.

We want to be by our clients at each stage of life, meeting their needs in terms of insurance products and services, savings and transfer of property.

Financial Protection consists in supporting our clients, individuals, small, medium and large companies at each stage of life, meeting their needs in terms of insurance products and services, precaution, savings and transfer of property.

Aware and proud of the contributions given by our activity to society's economic and social development, we want to exercise it in a responsible manner, respecting our values and commitments taken towards our many partners.